Time can be your best friend…. or your worst enemy..

Dakota was not a cute little girl.. Admit it tumblRers.. Weird face, funny smile n teeth, she was slighty ginger with pale skin. Nobody knew with CERTAINTY ‘what’ she was going to be a few years later.

Ce n’était pas gagné. Elle a su s’entourer des meilleurs pour obtenir ce résultat. Mais d’autres n’ont pas eu cette chance.


Because of this… 

Haley Joel Osment used to be so cute and now he’s like.. ergh.. What happened?

He’s still have the same face but there’s something.. ew..  You’re not gonna find a job with this ugly look. Life shouldn’t have done that to you. Dat’s not fair. Good luck mate lmao. KRKRKR

D’ailleurs, tu s’rais pas un peu irlandais toi? t’as une bonne tête de Patrick McGregor..

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J’aimerais caresser ta chatte.  Elle m’a l’air si paisible et si douce.. Tiens d’ailleurs.. c’est quoi son pti nom? Meowwwwwww

(je ne sais pas ce que j’ai en ce moment avec les animaux.. après le chien qui sourit, la chatte endormie krkr)


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LooOooL .. SHE KILLED IT.. I can’t stop laughing.

But come on man,  Does she know what she’s singing? Especially that part

He’s a muthafuckin trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship

When he make it drip, drip kiss him on the lip, lip

That’s the kind of dude I was lookin’ for
And yes you’ll get slapped if you’re lookin’ ho

And her mother seems to be very proud of her.. Ok.. <_< How old is she?  4? 5? .. Ok.. Good luck mother, good luck..

Don’t blame her but punch her next time she will say ‘go fuck yourself MOM..’

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Je viens de découvrir son site (thx Kriss), et je la suis d’ores déjà sur tumblr.. Cette fille me fait rêver.. She’s got the look. And she’s from London ah ah.. fo suuuure ! Im a groupie already AND AM NOT ASHAMED TO TELL IT LOL. Pleaseeee God, I want to meet her once lol.

She’s got everything I like.. She knows how to mix ‘chic and cheap’ and i also like all of her tutorials about make up, hairstyles and everything.

She knows how to look sexy and ‘mature’ even though she’s just 21yo. Can you believe this? twenty-one ! 

Check her GOOD GOOD blog guys=====>http://www.meek-n-mild.com/ :D

True beauty. She looks just like Nia long.

Des faux airs de Nia Long, vous n’trouvez pas? 

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"Si tu parles à quelqu’un qui ne t’écoutes pas, TAIS TOI. Ecoute-le peut être qu’en l’écoutant, toi tu sauras pourquoi lui il ne t’écoutais pas."
Vee-DOU ABATCHA, proverbe africain

SWAANY - AN SOUé (guitare/voice)

Share it, if you like what you hear.. She knows how to handle criticism. When I said ‘you should stop making faces’,  She said ‘Ok’ lol. I know she won’t do that again.. (she’ll try not to)

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"Aucune grâce extérieure n’est complète si la beauté intérieure ne la Vee-Vee-fie. La beauté de l’âme se répand comme une lumière mystérieuse sur la beauté du corps."
— Veector Hugo..